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We Hear It All the Time... “We Should Have Come Here First!"

Complete Plumbing Services for Homes in Seattle, WA

Serving North King and South Snohomish counties

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. How else would we be in business for more than 50 yearsOur Seattle plumbing service technicians are prompt, skilled, neatly uniformed, friendly and licensed professionals. 

The combined talents of our staff encompass all aspects of residential plumbing service, installation and repair. Whether you are looking for Seattle, WA plumbing services, or in the surrounding area, give us a call, Aurora Plumbing is licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind. 

Count on us for unequaled expertise in all areas of residential plumbing, like interior re-piping, installation and replacement of water lines and gas lines. 

Old and aging pipes? Aurora Plumbing comes prepared to your house in trucks loaded with parts to fix almost any job. This is an added value to our clients in that we rarely have to leave to get parts while "on the clock."
Aurora Plumbing Repair & Installation Truck

Why use Aurora Plumbing?

Aurora Plumbing has strict moral and ethical values. It is imperative that our clients feel they get the most out of their experience, and feel confident that our products, services and pricing are the best in the industry. 

Some stores "promise" a lower price over the phone, just to get to the job - but then don't deliver on their promises. Our word, is our promise and as a result, Aurora Plumbing has a 95% customer return and repeat model, which is rare in this industry. And many of our customers over the years came to us by word-of-mouth. You don't get that kind of loyalty by treating clients the wrong way!  

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Toilet and Faucet Repair/Replacement

Rather than just insisting that our clients replace their fixtures, we will show them options for repair if the unit is worth repairing. Many clients don't know that some "older" fixtures are very well-built and worth repairing. In some cases, the phrase "'They just don't make them like this anymore," will apply, and we will call on our years of experience to advise our client of the options. But when it is necessary, or just the wishes of the client to replace their fixtures, we have the ability to get options for replacement, and even have a showroom where they can "touch and feel" their choices. Where else can you get this tremendous service!?

Water Heaters - Standard, Tankless and High Efficiency

Aurora Plumbing has carried most brands and types of water heaters over the years, and through the process of elimination we have come to support only a select few brands because of their exceptional value and durability.  

Water heaters are not created equal, and new technologies are changing the water heater world. We prefer to educate our clients on the options that are best for them, not just the most expensive. We use our years of experience to help us decide what the best options are, and offer those options to our clients. Our goal is to ensure the unit that is purchased and installed lives up to, and hopefully exceeds, our clients' expectations!
Aurora Plumbing Water Heaters

Water Line Repair/Replace

Is copper best for the client? Is PEX? What brand of PEX would we recommended? What are some of the issues that may arise? Are there electrical grounding issues? Our licensed technicians are specialists in determining what would work best for each application, and they give our client the options that are the safest and best for long lasting results. As with all plumbing goods, PEX is also not created equal. Aurora Plumbing put all available brands through a very rigorous test of our own, and found each brand's weakness. Let us show you why we use our preferred brand, and why it’s probably best for you.

Sewer Repair, Including Perma-Liner

A home's main sewer drain carries all household sewage to municipal sewer lines or to an on-site septic system. Older drains can become invaded by tree roots, causing blockage that can lead to sewage backing up into the house. Replacing a drain can be expensive, though newer techniques can lessen the amount of digging required. Aurora Plumbing offers a variety of sewer repair services. Call us so we can address your situation.


Offering emergency service has been a difficult decision for the owners of Aurora Plumbing. Up until now, we have declined the option of offering emergency service, mostly because of the cost associated with having a licensed technician on-call, and how these costs made it necessary to make an emergency call quite a bit more expensive. 
Aurora Plumbing has strict ethical and moral values, and charging extreme rates did not fit those values. It has never been, nor will ever be, acceptable for Aurora Plumbing to take advantage of clients in need! Our current technicians volunteer to be on-call, so we are able, in most cases, to offer to come out on weekends, evenings, and yes, even holidays... at no extra cost! 
Because the technician is volunteering their personal time, we try to qualify that the situation is indeed an emergency. Sometimes, we are able to advise the client what to do to be able to wait for a standard service call.

Plumbing Dispatch Hours:

Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:45pm

Please feel free to email us as well, we'll be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible. Please be sure to include your phone number with your email. 

For 24/7 emergency service please call 206-364-1140 and follow the prompts. A technician will call you back as soon as possible!
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